Mapping of non atomic types without using blobs

i really like your product and, until now, it fits my needs perfectly.

But now i have to deal with arrays, vectors, points and so on. Make a long story short, is it possible to map these kind of types directly without create a persistent class for it.

I want :

type TMyClass= class
          FFailuredType   : TRect;
          FFailuredType2 : array[0..4] of TPoint;
           R : TRect
          read FFailuredType write FFailuredType;

instead of

      TMyPersistentRect = class
        fx,fy : Integer;
        fheight, fwidth : Integer;

     TMyClass = class
       FMyRect : TMyPersistentRect;

Is it also possible to use /map these types (if supported by the database) database specific types, for example postgis, or is it possible to create a kind of a user mapping what takes care of it?

Thanks in advance

Hans Joerg

Hello Hans,

Unfortunately, not, records and arrays cannot be mapped directly to the database using Aurelius. You would have to tag then as [Transient] and then create mapped properties with getters/setters that translate them to supported Aurelius types.