Make Proxy key value writeable

If i have field

I can provide

Property ProductId: string
  read getProductid
function TOrderRow.GetProductId: String;
  result := FProduct.value;

But setter is "harder" to implement cause it requires one actually find Object first. In xdata server you can do find using ObjectManager trough TXdataOperationContext but if using pure aurelius code it's not working.
Of course one must be sure that id is valid.

What do you mean by "using pure aurelius code". I don't understand the context of this request.

I mean you are working with simple vcl app without xdata.
Forgot setter in my example

procedure SetProductId (aValue: string);
  om := TXdataOperationContext.Current.GetObjectManager;
  fProduct.value := om.find<tProduct>(aValue);

IMO the om.find the is an extra task which slows down. Checking of validuty is nice in some cases, but sometimes it's not requied.
In that vcl code if try to use the setter like productid := importeddata['productid];
if will fail.
Would be nice to use routines which just assing id to field and do nothing else with that.
So what I wan't is possibility assign keyvalue in my code like loading of orderRow would do, if product is lazy loaded.

Just an small tip, if you do not have or need any other info on the Product (except it's Id) there is a 'trick' it will work for some cenários:

procedure SetProductId (const AValue: string);
  AProduct: TProduct;
  AProduct := TProduct.Create;
  AProduct.Id := AValue;
  FProduct.Value := AProduct; // No need to use Find to Load the Product

Important: You need to make sure you have apropriate Cascade options on the Association attribute. Example, if after setting productId the TOrderRow object is saved with Flush() than MAKE SURE TO REMOVE TCascadeType.Flush from cascade options (or the Product will also be updated).


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Thanks, I'll check this .