Losing USBport kills TVaCommWriteThread


I will rewrite some older TurboAsync code for my company using your VaComm.

My problem is that losing the COMport is a very common issue and found some problem

in the VaComm code.

The most common scenario is:


ClearLineErrors raise an exception (EVaCommError) that falls through all the way out of the threads execution and does that SILENTLY.

So I won't be notified of the incident (my big problem).

I need to do some modifications in the code but would appreciate to have some guidence from you guys where and what do.

Yours "HumbleButInAHurry" T.

It should trigger the OnError event. Are you handling this?

Yes I have the event procedure set but as you see in the code a exception bypass the calling of it.
Yours T.

We checked this and HandleLineEvent will trigger (from ClearLineErrors) the event OnError, so we'd suggest you handle this event.