Login goes through OnConfigureToken twice

I've noticed that when logging in from WebCore the TSphinxConfig.OnConfigureToken is called twice and just resets the data (which is the same). Is this expected?

I'm not sure what you mean by "just resets the data (which is the same)".

It is called twice, one for the access token, another one for the identity token. Different things, different "data".

I see it going through three times:


It is the access_token that is added to the header of all calls back from the webcore app, so is this the only one that we really need to add the claims to?

Have you tried the Sphinx demo? Does it fire three times at some point? If yes, can you provide steps to reproduce it? I can't see it firing thrice here.

To answer your question, I would have to see what's going on, so a minimal project reproducing the issue would help.

Apologies. It is fine. The third pass through is another server application authenticating.

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