I want to store data in the localstorage of the browser and use them later on in other sessions with different URLs. For example under URL1 a few strings are stored in localstorage and under URL2 these strings are read from localstorage. I think this is a typical usage of localstorage.

This runs perfect if the reading session(URL2) is started manually or with a new browser instance.
I can read all the stored strings.

The problems arises if the second session is not started manually but via a call of
application.navigate(URL2,ntblank) or application.navigate(URL2,ntpage) in the code of URL1.
Then URL2 comes up, everything seems to be ok, but when i read from localstorage all strings are empty.  Why ?

May be it is necessary to force the browser to reload storage ?
I tested it with Webcore and IIS


Do URL1 and URL2 belong to the same domain?
This article might be worth reading:


URL1 and URL2 are on the same machine in the same domain.

Just 2 directories on the same IIS.

Tested with browser Safari on Iphone and Ipad
with Chrome on Windows 10 prof (64)

Maybe it is due to a same origin setting in IIS

I cannot see our class for accessing localStorage to be responsible for this.

Thank you very very much !!!!

This was the important tip and link.
It's my mistake.

Starting manual and via application.navigate in fact called different pages.
One used the computername in the domain, the other sometime used the ip-address.
This leads to the same computer, but the IIS treats them as different pages and therefore 
maps a different localstorage.

Thanks for informing