local dev server reload page do not load

Hi , i have been facing this issues for quite sometimes and very inconvenient, and it occurs only when in my local development machine , it will only load the 1st time.

After the index page loaded and if i try to reload using the chrome reload button , it will shows the source code of the index.html instead of loading it , i have to everything clear my history before i can reload it again and this make me unable to try to test and debug my indexedDB which after clear history all this local data is clear as well.

is there any advice for me to try to find why this happened , that i can't reload 2rd time?

It is unclear what causes this. We have not encountered this yet.
Are you using the included TMS Web Server? 

Have you checked if the behavior is specific to Chrome or also happens with another browser?
If this is Chrome specific, maybe there is some Chrome plugin that affects this?