Load TableView in Thread


is it possible to load a FNCTableView outside of the UI in a thread (showing a WaitingIndicator in the UI) and then displaying the completed tableview in the UI?
I have a tableview with about 3000 items incl. thumbnails loaded from an SQLite query and would like the user to see the Waiting Indicator while the tableview is built.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

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You can use a thread, but each update to the tableview will need to be sychronized with the main thread, where the tableview is created. GUI is running in a separate thread. So yes, you can load the data, and then sychronize each item you add to the tableview. Alternatively, you could load all data in a thread and then update the tableview once after the thread has finished downloading the thumbnails from the database.

Thanks for the feedback. Would it be feasible to create a tableview in code which you fill in the thread and after completion of the thread you assign this tableview to the visual tableview?

As long as it's not actually painting (which means it doesn't have a parent) I think this should be possible.