Load Balancing

Is there any way (or maybe on the roadmap) to LoadBalance with an Aurelius/XData server?


Rhett Price

XData is stateless, thus virtually any load balancing mechanism can be used.

I think it's better to use a specific and established tool for that, like nginx or haproxy.

Great, I wanted to just confirm before we went down that route. Thanks very much Wagner.

Hello together,
I want to bring up the old topic.
We are working on a Load Balancer for our own servicefunctions in XData. But I think, we also need to distribute access to the tables.
Has anyone experience with HAProxy? Or something else?

Thank you, Thomas

What do you mean by distribute access to the tables? A reverse proxy or edge router is just something you install and configure it to distribute the requests between several servers you might have, which are stateless and "equal" in all sense, so the router distribute request to any of them.
Do you have a specific question?

No, we just have to deal with this soon in our project. Maybe I'll come back to that later.

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