Live Preview not working

I am clicking 'List Preview' on the form's unit in the Delphi IDE Projects Manager , however, nothing happens.

The browser is set to Default via 'Project | Options | Browser'.

How to resolve this?

Do you see the live preview server started and running in the Windows taskbar?

I am seeing the 'TMS WebServer'.

Not seeing anything marked 'Live Preview Server'/

You should see this in your taskbar:

The Live Server EXE TMSLiveServer.exe should be in the subfolder Bin\Win32 under your TMS WEB Core install dir.
Maybe security settings in your Windows OS prevent is from being started / run...

I found TMSLiveSErver.exe and started it. However, still nothing.

Somehow the logged code shows '.../TMS WEb Core Lazarus....'. Is this normal? I am running from Delphi IDE.

I did install Lazarus AND Delphi.

Could you please try to run the LiveServer with the following command:

$(LiveServer) -projectfile:$(ProjectFile) -unit:$(UnitWithForm) -noexecute

An example would be

C:\Projects\TMS WEB Core\Bin\Win32\TMSLiveServer.exe -projectfile:"C:\Projects\Temp\Project1\Project1.dproj" -unit:"Unit1" -noexecute

No, this did not work. It has taken several hours of my time already. It is not critical for me at this time. I shall check back on this feature after future updates with the hope it is resolved.

Can you define "did not work". What exactly do you see happening? Errors?

1 - I have to manually double click on the file in File Explorer

2 - sometimes the file I had selected to Preview appears and in the log several errors. Other times, all the fields are empty.

If you run the LiveServer as I described it in my previous post, you should see the LiveServer in the tray area on your PC. If you click there on it, the LiveServer will leave the tray area and run as a normal application with a window. In this window you can click on "Show Preview". If you click on this button, what happens then?

Item #2 as I described earlier is what occurs.

Between this and 3 or 4 other issues I have lost several hours. As this is not critical for me at this time I need to move on to meet my project deadline and cannot get back to this for at least another 2 weeks.

I shall try to send some screenshots tomorrow though.


Logical 27

1 1 0 1 1


I am not seeing the browser updating.
The TMS Live server is running.
If I click on the icon I can see it running.
If I move a button and change the text nothing happens.
If I hit the live preview button the browser updates.

You save the form file after doing updates?