Live data sorting in TAureliusDataset


I'd like to know if there's any possibility to reorder data in TAureliusDataset after I performed a post (without saving on DB the modified data): for example, I've got a "priority" field and, if I swap priority between two rows, I want to get visually that swap, then, when I confirm all edits, using ObjectManager.ApplyUpdates or ObjectManager.SaveOrUpdate on the master object (if the list is a ManyValuedAssociation)

Is it possible to do something like that or it's necessary to save data to DB, close and reopen the Dataset?

Thanks in advance.

You don't necessarily need to save data to DB, but indeed you have to close/reopen the dataset to reorder data. If you are dealing with a in-memory list, you could re-sort the list and then close/open the dataset. If data is coming directly from DB, then indeed you would have to save, to reload data from DB.