ListView like

I need to do this getting data from XData. I am using already TWebDVResponsiveGrid but it is CHAOS to use the html tags to arrange like this each record.

I would like to use controls that are going to be repeated for each record of the table. There is a VCL equivalent for this, you place the controls, align them for one record and it is repeated for each record

I dont see an event where before drawn (likes accordeon has) I could customize with controles istean using the ItemTemplate

any ideas?

Sorry, at this moment we do not have an equivalent to the VCL TDBCtrlGrid.
Layout of items requires at this point using HTML.

Could we be using TWebScrollBox and adding panels with the controls?

Sure it will need to go thru each record and fill in the controls, but seems that this way for a non experienced html developer I could have more control of the layout?

Creating controls at runtime is an option and possible.