LInking 2 DBPlanners


i have a 2 DBPlanners in a form. Both are set to plDayPeriod mode and linked to two different TDBPeriodSouces
(DBPlanners are showing data from 2 different datasets). DBPlanners X axis contains date, Y axis contains resources.
Is there any way how to link selected dates in first DBplanner to the second?
For example: Start date is set to 1.10.2010, end date is set to 31.12.2010 (for both DBPlanners). When I select 1.11.2010 in first DBPlanner I want to focus the same date in the second DBPlanner.

You could use the event OnTopLeftChanged for this. In this event, set the Planner.GridTopRow / Planner.GridLeftCol values identical.