Link a Boolean Field with a CheckBox in a LiveGrid

The field really is a CHAR(1) that can hold 'N' or 'Y' values.
I can insert a check box in a CELL with this code...

procedure TGetLInsDlnSlsController.OnGetCellClass(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; var CellClassType: TFmxObjectClass);
   if (ARow >= FView.LiveGrid.FixedRows) and (ACol = CHECKED) then begin
      CellClassType := TTMSFMXCheckGridCell;

But now I need that the CheckBox, show  checked if the Field have a 'Y' and unchequed if have 'N'.

And if the user clicks on the CheckBox, the change shall be updated in the Linked DataSet. 

Remembering that Its a LiveBinded LiveGrid!

You can use the following code to accomplish this

  TMSFMXLiveGrid1.CheckTrue := 'Y';
  TMSFMXLiveGrid1.CheckFalse := 'N';
  TMSFMXLiveGrid1.Columns[1].ColumnType := ctCheckBox;

This is not LiveBinding.  

Where I should put this code? In which event handler? 

In the formcreate