Lazy loading of a component?

In Angular, we have the option to lazy-load components based on the route. In other words, we can have small main applications that loads in additional components on as as-needed bases. This has a great speed advantage.

It does not seem like Web Core has this kind of behaviour out of the box. But there is likely a trick or two one could use to achieve this kind of behaviour. Let's say we have common logic for opening (uploading) and saving (downloading files) that we use in multipe client applications. Maybe we can build that logic as a seperate Web Core application; let's call it FileOpenSave. And then in each of the client applications we then load the FileOpenSave Javascript into a panel when needed.

Any general suggestions on how you think one can do this? Thanks!

That is an interesting suggestion. So far, we have not yet experimented with this.

I believe that when you would compile per unit (a .JS file for each unit) and then properly make-up the .JS files includes in the HTML file of each form, it might work. As said, we did not experiment with this ourselves but we've taken note and when time allows, we will do so.

Thanks Bruno. We will play with your idea.