lazy fields are always lazy.....

a TXDATAClient is created as follows:

localc.HttpClient.OnSendingRequest:=procedure(Req: THttpRequest) 

The following XData service interface implementation has a Tblob dat field in a class where dat is NOT declared as lazy:
But the dat is still by reference in the response.

How can I DISABLE this lazy things?
I am starting to believe to no-lazy ORMs......

How do I add the expand when calling a function from the interface Serviceimpementation?
Just to notice also that Tapistorage is removed as Aurelius CRUD from the Xdata Aurelius model, so I can not request a Tblob by implementation..... but Aurelius can not understand that......

Unknown path "(1)/dat"
is the lazy Aurelius error message

I replaced the Tblob with Tarray<byte> and now the field is returned.
What other possibilities I have except Tarray<byte>?
Tarray<byte> fields can not be resized with setlength and it is memory consuming.

Of course the bug "Unknown path" still needs a fix