Lazarus Support

The only thing holding me back to buy a subscription at the moment is the lack of lazarus/freepascal support for these components. I would love to see TMS Aurelius, Sparkle, Remote DB and XData to have this support.

These products rely on advanced Pascal language features (like generics/attributes) unfortunately not yet generally available with Lazarus/FPC. We are aware the Lazarus/FPC team works on this and when available, we'll re-evaluate support for Lazarus/FPC

Hello Wagner

How is the status for supporting Lazarus for the BIZ Components at the moment?

No further progress, unfortunately.

That's a pity, by the way, Lazarus now also supports generics.

I have a running RemoteDB deamon running on a Linux x86 system, I want to move that to the Raspberry. I talked to Bruno at the last EKON, he said I should do it with Lazarus, but if the BIZ components are not supported, it will probably be difficult. Do you have any idea how I could implement this?

It not only generics (which well, was introduced in Delphi 2010, kind of 13 years ago), but advanced RTTI, attributes, anonymous methods, record operators, among several other language features.

Yes I can understand it, it's hard enough to cover all the different Delphi versions. So I guess I'll have to wait until Delphi releases an ARM compiler. But that will probably take quite a while. :-(

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