Lazarus - PWA, Electron projects

Are there any plans to provide the TMS Web PWA Application and TMS Web Electron Application templates found in Delphi also for Lazarus? Or would you recommend to buy Delphi, if we plan to go in that direction with the TMS tools?

Alternatively, are there any good (noob prove ;-) tutorials or documentation on that topic, that a Pascal programmer can understand, without becoming a JavaScript guru first?

Thank you,

It is on our todolist to have PWA and Electron app support for Lazarus (as well as for TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code). It is a matter of time and priorities. Excessive workload has prevented us from doing this so far.
With respect to JavaScript, the use of it in PWA or Electron apps is no different as in regular web applications. If you stick to using our components, you'd typically barely need much JavaScript (that is at least the intention of our framework).