Lazarus 2:0.4 - TMSWeb - .UITypes Error

I tried to install TMS Web on Lazarus :2.0.4:

WIndows Version : 10
Lazarus Version:2.0.4
Free Pascal  Version : 3.0.4

I got the following error Message: 

Compile package TMSWEBCorePkgLibLaz 1.0.4: Exit code 1, Errors: 1
WEBLib.Controls.pas(285,3) Fatal: Cannot find System.UITypes used by WEBLib.Controls of package TMSWEBCorePkgLibLaz.

We have seen this issue, this unit shouldn't be referenced for Lazarus.
We will fix this. To let you compile, please remove the reference to this unit from the uses list in WebLib.Controls.pas