Latest FNC blox do not install

Using the subscription manager am updating the FNC suite.

All installed correctly, latest version as of June 4 2020, except for FNC Blox. Does not install at all, and It says that my current FNC core is incompatible, and that I should install first (an older version), 
Any suggestions? 

We see that our build server has succesfully updated the installer version numbers, so it's unclear exactly why this is happening. Which version of TMS FNC Blox are you installing? Version is the latest version.

Well, all is the latest: Hope I can attach the image from onedrive here:!AuBJejBCep6lht0mmTRE18zgezYnfQ?e=UUxFje

Subscription manager
Web Core 1.4
FNC Core
FNC Blox

We'll investigate this as soon as possible.