Large Feed Image - TAdvFacebook

Hi, someone knows how to get larger Images from TFacebookProfile's Feed?

All the images are p50x50 and they look pixelated.  

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried using the GetProfilePicture call to retrieve images in different sizes?
Hi Bart, I dont need a Large Profile Picture (I already added "?Type=Large" to the CloudCustomFacebook  FromJson query btw).

What I need is a Larger Image from a Page/User Post. In a TMS earlier version you was able to request for a LargeImageURL, but that is not possible now.

Thanks in advance! 


Unfortunately this is currently not supported.
We'll have to investigate if this functionality can be added in a future version.

Any update on this? it is a Facebook API problem?

We have a software plugin based on  Pages post with images and now is useless with this unsupported feature (images biggers than 50x50).


Sorry, so far we unfortunately did not have time yet. It remains on our todolist.