Know runtime grid height and width

On a form I have a TTIWAdvWebGrid and under it one TTIWAdvToolButton Button. The grid is set to dynamically change its heigth and width (UseFullHeight and UseFullWidth are set to False) because of rows height changes, and adding columns. Because I don't want free space between the grid and the button when the display rows is less than the rowcount, I want to dynamically change the position of the button. The problem is that, at runtime, I can't get the Height and the Width used by the grid. The Height, Width, ClientHeight and ClientWidth properties of the grid have the values of the design time, not that of the runtime when the grid has change it size.
Is there another way to have the result I want?


Unfortunately the height and width of the grid in the browser is only available client-side. This value is not passed back to the server.
Maybe you can try to avoid row height changes by setting a high enough value for the DefaultRowHeight property?
That way you could calculate the client-side grid height based on the number of rows.