JWT Authentication

Is there any JWT Authentication with XData and web core demos available, I saw it was on todo list in May has it been any progress?
BR Ake

Yes, this article + sample shows it:

Sorry, I was not precise in my question,
The server side I has working in an application using XData and XDataClients with JWT working well and was not so difficult to get it up running. Now I want to webify it, I assume that I can use the same server but connect to it with web core webXdataClient and hera I have a problem how to do the "Login" to get a "Token" for the connection  I get a very anonymous error  like ....ec/$model ---- Error connecting to XData server, but my  old XDataClient application is working perfect, any demos on the client side of how to do JWT with XDataClient?
BR Ake

Please provide the exact error message you get. What is the code you are trying to use to login to the server?

XData Web Core client needs a XData server compiled with XData version 2.8 (beta support), preferable version 3.0 (official support). Is this your case?
Finally, there is a complete demo in folder demos\music that shows the login process.
Thank you,
The server was compiled with older version, that may solve the problem.
Sorry I missed the music demo, that is a very god demo of the complete chain, I will investigate that carefully.
Thanks Ake.