JsonToObject and ObjectToJsonObject not in WebLib.JSON

I am writing code to transfer object properties between a new WebCore application and an older Delphi application via JSON. The two applications share a similar object hierarchy. In the pure Delphi Application I am able to used the methods JsonToObject and ObjectToJsonObject from System.JSON, but when implementing the WebCore version I discovered that these procedures are not available in WebLib.JSON.

Is there any plan to implement these in WebLib.JSON? Alternatively is there code somewhere else (FNC/WebCore) which has procedures with similar functionality to JsonToObject and ObjectToJsonObject ?


To Clarify... ObjectToJsonObject and JsonToObject are defined in REST.JSON for non WebCore but I could not find equivalent functions for my WebCore app

At this moment this is not yet implemented for TMS WEB Core.
There is JSON serializing support in TMS FNC Core though:

Thanks Bruno - I will take a look at the FNC implementation in the blog