In one of my XData-Servers the generation of the swagger.json file stopped working with the error

    "error": {
        "code": "JsonGeneratorNotFound",
        "message": "Could not find JSON Generator for type \"IhsIniFile\""

Why would the server try to generate json for this interface? It is an interface encapsulation TIniFile and I use this unit in many applications even some of them XData servers - without problem. But in this one project it does not work. Do You have any ideas what could prevent the XData server to generate the swagger file?


Hello Harald,

Probably you have some class causing this, some entity or DTO class that is IhsIniFile or uses IhsIniFile in one of its properties (or sub-properties).

Hello Wagner,

thank You again for Your great support. Your hint got me to find the right path. Our XData-Server is quite full of classes and services - an in one of the newer classes there was this Interface-Object as a result parameter. This didn't bother the server as a whole, but the swagger file was not generated any more.

Thank You again

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