JSON parsers

SuperObject is not maintained any more.
Just to add https://github.com/ahausladen/JsonDataObjects that is is cross platform and https://github.com/paolo-rossi/delphi-neon
Probably JsonDataObjects is the fastest parser
Is it possible to have it to Aurelius?

Just to add my 2 cents, I've thought about that (using JsonDataObjects) for XData and after some performance tests a while ago I came to realize 3 things (FWIR):

  1. TMS Business uses it's own JSON stuff and not Delphi super slow ones.
  2. While the wonderful JsonDataObjects is superfast and outperforms TMS implementation on some use cases, TMS implementation is faster on some other scenarios/use cases
  3. For what I could see TMS implementation, overall, is faster on XData cenario/general use cases, so, to apply JsonDataObjects would not be an advantage.

Maybe it could be even faster if it got better on cenarios where JsonDataObjects outperforms it. I'm not sure.

But I understand you are talking about Aurelius and not XData.


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Thank you for your response,
Have you tried these performance tests using also FastMM5?

I have post it as a request - new feature

Hi. No, I did not try with FastMM5.

I am asking because the performance problem with JsonDataObjects was reported to be when used in multiple threads due to the memory manager. That is said to be solved in a way with FastMM5

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