JSON error in 1.6 beta with FNC JSON code

I have had several problems with the 1.6 beta reading and writing JSON. [All code that previously worked in earlier versions of WebCore/FNC]. Using WEB Core and FNC Core (also have other up to date FNC tools) when using the method:
TTMSFNCPersistence.SaveSettingsToStream(Element, ObjectStrm)
I am able to get a valid JSON string from ObjectStrm.DataString, but when I add this string to another JSONObject I get an exception in WEB Core [I use the same code in VCL but have no trouble there.]

This happens when the object "Element" had a published double field, but only if the double field has a non integer value? For example if the property value is 1.5 I get the exception but if I change the property value to 1.0 then there is no exception. I have made two small test programs (one WEB Core, one VCL) that demonstrates this problem in the WEB Core version.

Note there are also problems going the other way (in WEB Core) using:
TTMSFNCPersistence.LoadSettingsFromStream(Element, ObjStrm)
but I can take the SAME JSON and it works fine in the VCL version.

I will zip and send the test case to support.

We traced & fixed the issue as reported via email.
v1.6 will have this fix.