ITMSOfficeHint Undeclared

After installing the latest version of TMS Component pack and updating my code,

I get these errors in AdvPanel.pas :

[dcc32 Error] advpanel.pas(490): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ITMSOfficeHint'

TCustomAdvPanel = class(TCustomPanel, ITMSTones, ITMSOfficeHint)

[dcc32 Error] advpanel.pas(3319): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'IsEmpty'

procedure TCustomAdvPanel.GetOfficeHint(PT: TPoint; var HintInfo: TAdvHintInfo);



if Caption.Visible and (pt.Y < Caption.Height) and not (Caption.OfficeHint.IsEmpty) then

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong or has not been rightly implemented?



Could you verify if the AdvHintInfo.pas file is present in the source directory of the TMS Component Pack?

The ITMSOfficeHint interface is declared in this file.

Yes i can and it is in there.

ITMSOfficeHint = interface


    procedure GetOfficeHint(PT: TPoint; var HintInfo: TAdvHintInfo);


These lines of code are the same with my older version that i used till yesterday (version 7.3)

Please scan your full hard disk for AdvHintInfo.pas. 
Most likely there is still an old version around that doesn't include this interface declaration.
Make sure to remove ALL old versions of AdvHintInfo.pas on your system.

Yes i had a TMS spreadgrid folder where that pas file was in. Renaming that file solved the problem.