Issues with ColumnIndex from TTMSFMXLiveGrid


For TTMSFMXLiveGrid I discovered that the geter and steter for the ColumnIndex property is not symmetric. Reading and writing for the same index do not refer to the same column in the grid.

function TTMSFMXLiveGrid.GetColumnIndex: Integer;
Result := FocusedCell.Col - FixedColumns;
procedure TTMSFMXLiveGrid.SetColumnIndex(const Value: Integer);
cl: TCell;
cl.col := Value;
cl.row := FocusedCell.Row;
FocusedCell := cl;

Best regards,
Tiberiu Stoicescu


We'll investigate exactly how this is operating, but please note the TTMSFMXLiveGrid is discontinued. Please use the TTMSFMXGrid instead which is changed for connecting to LiveBindings as well.


I will consider this for change to TTMSFMXGrid.
I use TTMSFMXLiveGrid because I read in manual that this component is the way for connecting with datasets through LiveBinding.

The best way to bind data to a dataset through LiveBindings is TTMSFMXGrid. This has been completely redesigned for dynamic databinding.

I try to bind TTMSFMXGrid to dataset but I receive
"No list control editor aviabile for TTMSFMXGrid"
I use the latest version of TMS FMX UI Pack
Did I do something wrong?

Please take a look at the demo for LiveBindings, included in the distribution (or attached here). (995.9 KB)

In the sample wich you atashed, indeed grid it has name TMSFMXGrid1 but they is the type of TTMSFMXLiveGrid and is not the type of TTMSFMXGrid .

Woops, my apologies, I mixed up the 2, of course the TTMSFMXLiveGrid is the one to use for LiveBindings :face_with_hand_over_mouth: