Issue with TListView and TAureliusDataSource

My view has a FMX TListView connected by livebinding to TAureliusDataSource by that Sync <> * reference

With small databases (few itens) it works fine. And you can click on any item on the TListView and the DataSource gets sincronized.

However, I have uploaded 1000 records for testing and found some issues:

- I used: OManager.Find<TEntityItem>.Open and set that to the DataSet (as ISourceCursor),  it loads everything to memory and does not syncronize
- Due this to be really slow i have changed adding a Take(20), however it does not work, it always load all the dabatase (I am using a remote connection and takes a long time)
- If I just reduce the size for few records the sync works again.

I have not tested on VCL and DataSource yet.

My questions:

- Is this TListView - TDataSet a known problem? Is it Aurelius?
- Why the Take(20) is not working? 

Thank you

Can't tell what's wrong. But first step is to test the exact same setup with a regular VCL TDBGrid or other FMX control like a grid, to isolate the problem. If it works, we can say the problem is with list view.

The only strange thing is the fact that Take(20) doesn't retrieve only 20 records. This should be just pure SQL. Anyway, I suggest you do more tests with non-listview controls.