Issue with more than one level of popup forms

Hi Bruno,

I made two-level popup forms and there are controls sitting on each form. The popup works for both forms, as shown in below image:

As you can see, I have a button on the main form (web page) that is used to show leve 1 pupop form, I also created another button on the level1 form to display level 2 form.

My question is : when both level 1 and 2 forms are displayed (pop-up), I can still access to the controls on the leve1, e.g. I can click the radio-group on the level 1. Is it possible to make it so that users can only access controls on Level 2 (that is, Level 1 should not be accessible while Level 2 is open)?

To address it clearly, I have also included the test project file for your reference.58. popup (1.3 MB)

We traced & solved this issue.
We can confirm the next update will address this.

Thanks, Bruno~