Issue with Identifier Size on ElevateDB

I have found that ElevateDB has a short limit of 40 characters for identifiers:

Since Aurelius generates this SQL appending other information for context:


it is causing to truncate the Identifier Name, and in some cases caused duplicates that generated erros when running the SQL sentence.

Too bad that ElevateDB has this limitation and I have already complained in their forum about that.

However I would like to suggest that Aurelius check the limits of such things and raise error to let the developer know of the problem in question, since it is not evident;

Thank you

Thanks. This is already in our todo list, not only because of ElevateDB, but some users have really long foreign key names.

Actually one of the ways we are thinking about solving this problem is providing an attribute for you to define the name of the foreign key.


See if there is more users with this problem with ElevateDB I think it should ask them to report that. I went in a long talk in their forum and they had already raised that limit from 30 to 40.... too bad... it should be 255. 

I have posted a request for them to raise that limit. Not sure will happen, but if other users complain about that will help that happen.

The idea of a attribute as an ALIAS is interesting to solve this issue and you have my upvote. Not ideal since will break the clarity on the database but in this case not other option.