Issue with AdvGridExcelIO


Windows 10 x64
Berlin update 2
TMS Component Pack

There's an issue when exporting cells that look like they are a formula but are not.
For exemple if a cell has the value of '=BUG' and the Options.ExportFormulas has its default value of True, an exception will be raised: Unterminated string on formula: "='BUG"

This prevents us from mixing this with real formulas because we would have to turn ExportFormulas to false to avoid the exception but then our formulas won't be computed anymore.

To reproduce:
  excelIO: TAdvGridExcelIO;
  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[1,2] := '2';
  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[2,2] := '4';
  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[3,2] := '=A2+B2';
  AdvStringGrid1.Cells[4,2] := '=''BUG';

  excelIO := TAdvGridExcelIO.Create(nil);
  excelIO.Options.ExportOverwrite := omAlways;
  excelIO.AdvStringGrid := AdvStringGrid1;

Is this something that can be fixed?


There is no easy way to fix this as I see no easy way to somehow let TAdvGridExcelIO understand that =BUG is not a formula and others are formulas. Isn't there a replacement character you can use for the equal sign before "BUG"?

Yes we can work around this problem since it was a bad user input that we ended up correcting in the database.

This is not a critical bug for us so if it's too complicated to fix we understand.