Issue with Accessing Grid Data via Cell Click in ClientDataset

Dear Support Team,

I am encountering a problem when trying to access data in a grid through a client dataset. Specifically, when I attempt to retrieve the contents of a grid cell using grid.Cells[ACol, ARow], it returns an empty string, despite the cell containing data.

I've been using a demo provided by your team as a reference, but the issue persists even in this example. Could you please assist me in identifying what might be causing this problem and how to resolve it? I have attached the link to the demo for your convenience.

Demo Link: - Google Drive

System Info:
Delphi 12

Thank you for your assistance.


Unfortunately accessing the data via the cells property is not available. The data is fetched dynamically. Please call LoadAllDataAndDisconnect at dataset adapter level to load the data in the grid and then you can access it.