Issue after installing TMS Component Pack-

I believe this happened in the past but after installing TMS Component Pack-, I'm now receiving an error during startup - Invalid Data Type for 'UI Theme'.   Please advise.   Thanks

This error is unknown to us.
When exactly is this happening? Is this startup of the IDE or startup of your application? What Delphi version do you use?

Everything compiles but then during the startup of the application, the error occurs.   

Version:  C++ Builder 10.2

This issue also happened after I updated to

Someone else posted the issue and then a new release was created shortly after with the fix.  

Here's the link to the post:

This issue to retrieve the office UI theme from the registry was already solved for quite some time and is not in the latest version anymore. Can it be that somehow you still have old version files around on your system. Try to uninstall, search for any old version files and delete these and after that, install the latest version. On a clean setup of the latest version, such problem should not happen.

I'll start over and install again.   Thanks