issue after installing 1.6

Hi Bruno,

Happy New year!

I just installed the beta version and got an issue while compiling(no issue on tms web core1.5.6):

Basically, I used {$I FileName} to inclue a pas file in while I declared a few constants using const, which is shown in below:

Then in another file, I include the above PROCIDS.pas into it, as you can see below:

However, when I compiled my project, I got error:

[Error] ASPStoichiometryU.pas(26): Could not find include file 'ProcIds.pas'

I am sure the file Proclds.pas is in my project search path and there is no problem when I compile using previous version - TMS web core 1.5.6.

That will be very helpful if you could give me some suggestions on how to solve it. Thanks in advance.


I tested this here and I cannot reproduce this.
Test app attached. (5.2 KB)