is TTMSFNCGrid Filtering broken ?


I'm trying to use Column filtering feature from the grid.
I'm so far not able to get it working. I'm only getting empy list as you can see in picture hereunder:

How to reproduce ?
Opining TMS FNC UI Pack\Demos\VCL\Grid\Database\ADO Lookup demo
Setting TMSFNCGRid.Options.Filtering:Dropdown to true


  • Delphi 11.2 with latest patch
  • Win32 environment
  • TMS FNC Grid Version

Am I missing something?

With an active dataset, filtering is not supported unfortunately. You need to call TMSFNCGridDataBaseAdapter.LoadAllDataAndDisconnect, so the data is stored in the grid, and then the filter will pick up the values.

Thank you.

As dataset is inactive, how can we send modification back to the dataset?

Afterwards, you will need to re-enable the dataset. Or alternatively, you will need to filter on the dataset instead.