Is this a bug of Fork Object ?

Is it a bug ?
I do not know if it is so but i've found a strange behaviour in the case i'll describe  here:
i've three workflow diagram, say them SUBWF1, SUBWF2, MAINWF.
Both SUBWF1  and SUBWF2 have a Start, an Approval Block and and End Block.
The MAINWF has a Start Block, connected to a Task Block (say it TaskBlock1).
This TaskBlock1 is connected to a Fork object and this fork object goes to two Run workflow 

block : the first say called SUBWF1 and the second one called SUBWF2.
Then they are both with the "Wait until finished" flag checked. They are so connected to a Join 

object. This join object goes to an approval block (say it MainApprovalBlock) and so to the End 


The problem is that the flow execution of MAINWF wait to reach the MainApprovalBlock ONLY if i 

execute as first the Run Workflow Block put at the left, but not if i execute as first the Run 

workflow object at the right. I try to explain better describing the two different situations :
1) Execution of MAINWF
2) Create the instance of TaskBlock1
3) With Status ok then i've two parallels creation of SUBWF1 and SUBWF2
Note that SUBWF1 is on the left and SUBWF2 is on the right
4) If i first terminate the SUBWF1 then to have the creation of an istance of MainApprovalBlock 

i've to terminate SUBWF2 but if as first i terminate SUBWF2 then i've the creation of the 

instance of MainApprovalBlock even if the SUBWF1 is still not terminated.

This way of doing become opposite if in MAINWF i put SUBWF1 on the right and SUBWF2 on the 


I've reproduced this behavior and i can send to you the demo of it if you say me in which way (i've also some screen shots).
Thank you

Hi Giuseppe,

at first sight, it looks like a bug. I appreciate if you can send me the demo and any extra info through e-mail. You can just use our support form to do so:

Just now i've sent an email to subject : Bug : Is this a bug of Fork Object ? - with 2 attachments

Hi, have you received my email ?

Thank you very much!

Hi Giuseppe, yes. I confirmed it's a bug, I have sent you a patch in your e-mail.

Thank you very much. I'll say you if all is ok or not.

The fix works fine. I've tested it on the same prog i sent to you.

Hi, i've found probably another bug on Fork object
If you have a fork object which has on the left a run workflow block (say it RWF1) and on the right another fork object with 

two Run workflow objects appended to it, say then RWF5 and RWF6.
These two fork objects close regularly : 1 Join objects closes RWF5 and RWF6 and another join object closes the previous one 

and RWF1.

Now this last join object join to a task. This task will never be executed and i see that the process of the program using 

workflow Studio takes a lot of cpu time.
I've sent to you an email with the mdb file containing the workflow definitions. See that one called MAINWF_FORK3
Just now i've sent and email
Thank you very much

That is not a bug, you have just not set the proper transition status. Check your e-mail.