Is there a shapeButton "ShowFrame" function?

I am using office 2010 / 2013 style forms and use the toolbar pager's shape button to have the polylist menu. When I e.g. select "Open..." to load a file I go back to some other toolbar page, set the polylist default page,  finally hide the polylist like:

Frame_MainMenu.APPAGER_Main.ActivePage := Frame_MainMenu.APPAGE_About;

I have not found a "ShowFrame" procedure, I'd like to programmatically show a "enter license details" or other pages from the polylist in case the user selected certain main application actions. Is there a way to activate the polylist other than clicking the "File" AdvShapeButton?

Thanks - Matthias

The ShowMenu method was till now a non-public method. We've changed this to a public method now and the next update will have this new public method ShowMenu.

I was just checking the latest component pack sources, and "ShowMenu" is still a protected method. Could you please make this public with one of the next updates? Thanks!

It did not make it yet to the release tree as it was marked for further testing at release time. It is now and will be included in the next update.