Is it possible to prevent TabOrder being added to controls?

Is it possible to prevent taborder being added to controls?

When using templates it is up to teh designer to work on the layout and tab order. At the moment there is a lot fo toing and froing to get the tabs working correctly on the form.


I cannot see TabOrder being added here when connecting for example TWebEdit controls to HTML INPUT elements that do not have the taborder attribute.
How exactly can we see that TabOrder is added in a scenario with templates?

Every single TWebDBEdit has taborder (taborder in Delphi tabindex in HTML) appended. In the template I have

<input id="ShopName">

In the html

<input id="ShopName" tabindex="8" class="form-control" style="">

There is even a blank style added.

In the LoadDFMValues it shows as

    edName.Name := 'edName';
    edName.Left := 57;
    edName.Top := 67;
    edName.Width := 200;
    edName.Height := 21;
    edName.ChildOrder := 12;
    edName.ElementClassName := 'form-control';
    edName.HeightPercent := 100.000000000000000000;
    edName.TabOrder := 7;
    edName.Text := 'edName';
    edName.WidthPercent := 100.000000000000000000;
    edName.DataField := 'Name';
    edName.DataSource := DataSource;

I cannot see this here as I explained. So you must do something specific. Please provide a test project with which this can be seen.

I think you need to set taborder=0 in the delphi designer. Testing now.

Not sure if it is possible but it would be great if you could set the default properties for when you add a control to the form (I'm thinking TabOrder, ElementPosition, HeightStyle, WidtStyle)

For template-linked web controls, the web control will NOT set the HTML element width,height,position.
We will make an improvement for the tab order as well.

Thanks Bruno. I have realised that it doesn't now, thanks for confirming. The taborder improvements will be greatly appreciated as at present it overwrites the tabindex even if set in the template.

Correct, that was wrong and is fixed now internally. The next update will have this fix.

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