Is it possible to "cache" entities into a list and filter this list later without having to fetch the same data again and again from SQL server?


I perform lot of search request for some entities, this searches involves many SQL queries and slows down the execution of my program significantly.

I would like to optimise this process by:

  • retrieving the whole entities (it will cost only one SQL query)
  • saving the result into a generic list.
  • perform all search on this list only (and thus avoiding non necessary SQL queries)

Does Aurelius allows this kind of operation? I mean, is Aurelius able to "cache" any entities and perform search on cached list?

Or should I do it by myself, storing entities into a Spring 4D list and perform all searches "manually"

I would appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:

Aurelius just performs SQL operations for searching. The objects are cached, but searching on them in memory should be done by a different way indeed. It can't do complex queries on in-memory objects.