iPhoneSpinner Items

Hi !

Is it possible to add items the PhoneSpinner in runtime ?
I tried the coded below, but the component fails to update
the Spinner with the new value
Code :,
The weird part is, is that the items.txt does contain the new value.
Do i need to refesh the Spinner before it shows my added value ?
And an extra question :
Is it possible to play / sound the "scroll click sound" when scrolling
through items ? Like when setting the alarm clock on the iPhone.
Thanks in advance.
With kind regards,


- Items can only be added to the IWiPhoneSpinner when using synchronous events.
If you are using an async event please try using a synchronous event instead.

- Unfortunately it's currently not supported to use sounds.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if it's possible to add this in a future version.