iPhone Maps direct access

Hi !

I was wondering if it was possible to have a Latitude & Longtitude
and start the iPhone Maps with the given Coördinate ?
In other words, what happens when i click the TIWIPhoneLocationLabel.
In example, i have two IWEdit's, one with LAT, one with LON and
a button, when i press that button the iPhone Maps starts with those
And another question for future use :
Is it possible for you guys to make a layer around the iPhone Maps so
it can be used WITHIN a form without leaving the main screen ? Like
a component which i can place on the screen with the map.
That would be real nice.
With kind regards,
  • Yes, this is exactly what the TIWIPhoneLocationLabel is designed for.
    You can set it's Longitude and Latitude values and it will open the iPhone maps application with those values when clicked.

    - Thanks for your suggestion, we've added it to our feature request list for investigation.

Hi Bart,

I think you misunderstood me. I understand how the
Locationlabel works, but i would like to work WITHOUT
the locationlabel and only work with 2 IWEdits and 1 button
to get the Coordinates visible on the Maps.
So i fill in one LAT in a IWEdit, one LON in a IWEdit, then press
a BUTTON (Not the locationlabel itself) and the the iPhone maps
will show me this location.
Is that possible ? (To show a location on a Map without using the Locationlabel)
With kind regards,

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately the technique used in the TIWIPhoneLocationLabel is currently only available internally in the control.
However we'll investigate to make the technique available outside the TIWIPhoneLocationlabel in a future version of the TMS IW iPhone controls pack.

Hi Bart,

Oke nice.
Thanks for the info.