iPhone AutoSizing Label

It would be nice to have a specific way to display text that varies in size.  One that was designed specifically for the iPhone Controls set. 

I have used other IW controls such as IWLabel and TTIWHTMLLabel to display text that may vary in size, but the results are not satisfactory for the user.
Thank you!

I'm not sure what exactly you mean. How do you mean 'may vary in size' ?

Can you provide a more detailed description of the desired behavior?

By "vary in size" I mean that it will accept text that could be single or multi-line.  It would be great if it had an Autosize property that could be set.

I would like to be albe to set its Align property to alTop, and then align an iPhone region client.  The text would size to match its contents, and the panel will fill everything else.