IOS Google Drive Connect(), GetFolder() issue


 An error occurred while creating a program that display a list of files in Google Drive, asking for help.

 IDE Version : RadStudio 10.3.2
 Language    : C++ builder
 Build Type   : IOS
 TMSCloudPack Version : 2019/11/08 )

1st. After setting app key and app secret in TMSFMXCloudGDrive component, app terminates when connect(). However, the authentication screen in called with the DoAuth() function.

2nd. The following message occurs when executing GetFolderList() function after authentication.
"No drive info returned. Verify that the Drive API is turned on in the Google servies panel."

Note. Google Drive is set to Enabled in the GoogleAPI.

In this situation, How can I get a list of files from GoogleDrive on IOS?
Thank you.


Can you please make sure ExternalBrowser is set to True?
Does the issue only occur on iOS or also on Windows?
If it happens on Windows as well, you can try to enable logging to see if there are any error messages.
Logging can be enabled by setting Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail.
The LOG file is automatically generated in the machine's Documents folder.

I solved the problem.

The problem was caused by not registering SafariServices in the iOS SDK.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for notifying the issue was resolved.