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When using an FNC grid that I want to be able to scroll horizontally on an iOS device the black bar at the bottom (on iPhone X & 11) prevents me being able to use the built in scroll bars.

How do ther people deal with this?



Hi, can you send us a screenshot identifying the issue?

Sorry, 3rd time lucky!

Hi, does this happen with other controls as well (TStringGrid, TScrollBox)?Pieter Scheldeman2020-03-19 12:20:07

Yes, totally!

Then this is a new issue, unfortunately related to FMX. I suggest to raise this issue with Embarcadero instead.

No, this is not new, it is just an iPhone feature, that is why I phrased my question asking what others do. I can obviously set a bottom margin on the grid so that it is above the black bar and therefore accessible. Ideally I would like to be able to just scroll the grid by dragging it. Is this possible?

You can use the Options.Mouse.TouchScrolling to scroll with the finger by dragging

Thank you Pieter, that's perfect.