Invalid redirect_uri Error

As a Dropbox newbie, I don't understand how the Dropbox Redirect uri works. Using the CloudStorageDemo I get the above error when clicking 'Connect'. I entered the key and secret in APPIDS.INC as required However, the Oauth guide states:

Note that for certain apps, such as command line and desktop apps, it's not possible for a web browser to redirect back to your app. In these cases, your app does not need to include a redirect_uri parameter. Dropbox will present the user with an authorization code that they will need to copy and paste into your app, at which point your app can exchange it for a reusable access token.

As my app is a Desktop app, I didn't enter a Redirect uri in the new app's OAuth 2 Redirect URIs box. What's my error here?

Never mind. I found the AdvDropbox App property which clears things up. Clearly a Redirect uri is required in the Dropbox console - in spite of the above oauth doc. I didn't find this property in the TMS VCL Cloud Pack DEVELOPERS GUIDE for the Dropbox service.


Please note that instructions to connect to the services supported in TMS VCL Cloud Pack can be found on this page:

Hi Bart,

Thanks. I did read those instructions, but missed the important line about the redirect uri's. My bad!