Interconnected 3 planners

I have 3 planners on form (on TAdvOfficePager)
dbplDay -> dbdysrc1 (TDBDaySource)
dbplWeek -> dbplWeek (TDBWeekSource)
dbpmwMonth -> fdtblPlanner-> dsPlanner (TDBPlannerMonthView)

dbplDay and dbplWeek are interconnected using SyncPlanner.
How can I easily interconnected dbpmwMonth?
If I select an item on one of the schedulers, I want it to be selected on all schedulers.
It works automatically. Except for one (two) case. If I select an item in dbplDay or dbplWeek, it will not be reflected in dbpmwMonth.
Well thank you.

Edit: I don't know how to find an Item in dbpmwMonth.

Your question is not related to TMS Cryptography Pack, please post on the right topic.

How did it get here?
I apologise.
If you can, remove it.