IntegreOverflow in AdvHTML


with the latst update I'm getting integer overflows when using HTMLLabel.

Here is part of the stack.


I'm wondering why in the system_UStrCat the first word is repeated so many times.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance


Please provide the HTML you are using so we can investigate

HTMLabelDBInfo.HTMLText.Text:='Finanz- und Sachmittelverwaltung der FAU<br>'#$D#$A'FSV Produktiv-Datenbank';

I could not reproduce this with assigning this text to a THTMLabel.
Do you see this issue when dropping a new THTMLabel in a new application and assigning this text?

I have the same problem with HTMLLabel.
Also happens with TAdvInputTaskDialogEx

We released v13.1.0.1.
Can you check with this update?

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Yes - that did it! Thanks for the fast fix.

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May be it has something to do with autosize.
I'll give the new version a try.

Could it be thet the TAdvSVGImageCollection is missing in version

Nothing was changed wrt TAdvSVGImageCollection in the latest release. Make sure all TMS VCL UI Pack package files are installed AND active in the IDE

They are. I've changed from smart setup to older subscription manager. I'll clean up by hand.

Ok, fixed.

Thank you!