Installing Updates for Web Core

I am currently using but is available.  Removing and reinstalling everything is time consuming.  To make sure I don't have issues, I normally uninstall everything and reinstall in the following sequence:

WEB Core
Business Core, Aurelius, Sparkle, XData, Echo
FNC Core, FNC UI Pack, FNC Chart, FNC Cloud, FNC Dashboard Pack, FNC Blox

I am having a Web Core issue and would like to see if it is fixed in the latest version.  Can I just uninstall and install

if you had already the latest versions of other products, you can just uninstall TMS WEB Core & install the newest version v1.3.0.2

I uninstalled and downloaded  I attempted to install but after clicking the next button on "Preparing to Install; Setup is preparing to install TMS  WEB Core for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio on your computer.", I receive the message:

Access violation at address 69302D8E. Read of address 000000C4.

Please advise.

I was able to resolve the issue.

I forgot to turn off the anti-virus products on my machine.

This happens often as most installers don't need the anti-virus disabled.  If the subscription manager displayed a reminder about disabling anti-virus products, it would help.

Thanks, Sidney