Installing TMS Component in Delphi 11

I am trying to install TMS components in Delphi 11. This seems to work well during installation. But when i open Delphi 11 there is an error message.
In the IDE File C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Bpl\TMSFMXCloudPackPkgDEDXE14.bpl not found. I cannot find this file at all after installation.

What am I doing wrong ?

Gert Hoogeboom

Gert Hoogeboom

Hello we found the cause of the issue.
Once the products are updated, we will let you know.

This should be fixed.
You will have to download the packages again.

How can i download the same package again in the tms subscription manager. It seems that the version is not changed.

You can remove the downloaded package in the folder that the Subscription manager downloads the products, and then restart the subscription manager.
Or another way is to download the product via the 'My Products' page on our website.

Why don't you release new versions with an incremented version number?